Digital Scans


The Essential

This is the entry level scan package designed to save your media from obscurity by converting to digital format in the most fundamental way. This package is the starting point to instantly preserve your treasured images.

Photos $1.00
In Albums   $1.50
Slides   $1.00
Negatives $1.00

*Photo scans at 300dpi

*Negative scans at 2400dpi

*Slide scans at 300dpi




As the name suggests, this scan package offers you a more comprehensive service than  just the essentials. Designed with most people in mind, The Advanced Package gives you images that are immediately ready for use in whatever project you are planning for in future.

Photos $1.50
In Albums $2.00
Slides        $1.50
Negatives $1.50

*Photo scans at 600dpi

*Negative scans at 3600dpi

*Slide scans at 600dpi



*Digital ICE Technology Dust and Scratch Removal

*Colour Correction

*Red Eye Removal

*Up to 3 minutes of Manual Editing per image

The Pro

The Pro Package is designed with professional photographers and individuals with PhotoShop knowledge in mind. This service offers you the opportunity to edit your own images in a way that is beneficial to you.

Photos   $2.00
In Albums   $2.50
Slides          $2.00
Negatives    $2.00

*Photo scans at 600dpi

*Negative scans at 7600dpi

*Slide scans at 600dpi

Photos larger than 5x7 up to A3 extra $1.00

Photos over A3 extra $20

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